Who We Are

we incubate and scale entrepreneurs

Team TKE = 

Visionaries just crazy enough to believe we are creating a better world for our future leaders.


The Kinetic Experience is built upon a foundation of Personalized Education, Apprenticeship, and the concept of "Noblesse oblige”.

As a team, we create a world that incubates and scales entrepreneurs by simplifying access to resources, community, and systems needed to self actualize without being hindered by stale thinking or antiquated rigid systems.

Entrepreneurship is Hard.


Many can't do it alone.


They feel overwhelmed by the difficulty. They feel like their business is a burden. 

They are frustrated with themselves and their results.

Many don’t have a quality support system and believe they have limited options.

This is why we created The Kinetic Experience.

We empower entrepreneurs to create even more success to make massive impact and leave their legacy for future generations.

Our Team

The People Who Make It Possible

Abe Nadimi


Abe's Super Power:
his devilish smile turns you into a raving fan.

Jannica Morton


Janni's Super Power:
makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Stephen Ellis


Stephen's Super Power:
mind control. be scared.

Emily Frances


Emily's Super Power:
Making people laugh...and smile!

Jason Treu

Executive Coach

Jason's Super Power:
uncovers your
hidden blind spots.

Chris Watson

Master Story Teller

Chris's Super Power:
Xray Vision. I see people.

Monica Maez

Marketing Diva

Monica's Super Power: herder of motley crews

Bryon Boyer


Bryon's Super Power: Turns legal and tax issues into hilarious and obscene analogies.

Supporting entrepreneurs
level up their business
so they impact their communities is like as crucial as chocolate is to our lives. 

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