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The People Who Make It Possible

Abe Nadimi


Abe's Super Power:
his devilish smile turns you into a raving fan.

Jannica Morton


Janni's Super Power:
makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Stephen Ellis


Stephen's Super Power:
mind control. be scared.

Emily Frances


Emily's Super Power:
Making people laugh...and smile!

Peggy Martinez


Peggy's Super Power: seeing what others don't.

Gary de Rodriguez


Gary's Super Power:
to shine a light and clear the path.

Bryon Boyer


Bryon's Super Power: Turns legal and tax issues into hilarious and obscene analogies.

Gabrielle Carlile

A Truly Good Person

Gabrielle's Super Power: Making the peoples bow to my words! Mwahaha! Just Kidding, I like to write persuavice copy, though. Haha!

Supporting entrepreneurs
level up their business
so they impact their communities is like as crucial as chocolate is to our lives.

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