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Becoming da Vinci Show?

We identify the illusion of the compulsory education system, show the effectiveness and efficiency of personalized education and identify like minded high-caliber individuals within the entrepreneur landscape throughout time.

Abe & Janni

We have a deep passion for creating a world of leaders that are forward thinking and driven to make social impact through their unique talents, skills, and contributions.

Since you are listening to our podcast and spending your time reading our content…you must be pretty epic, right?!

Do you have something to share? Are you a self-directed learner who has created your own lane to fit your purpose and passion?

We love to meet epic people, such as yourself.

Our GOAL is to…

Show that Personalized Education and Apprenticeship are a viable path to building an optimal life.

Bring awareness to how Personalized Education creates leaders that positively impact society by highlighting the lives of successful individuals.

Help our audience develop a business and healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and supports their vision and goals.

Collaborate with other content generators serving our audience or covering alternative/personalized education.

Inspire our future leaders to look at Leonardo da Vinci and modern day entrepreneurs, creatives, solution-thinkers and alternative educators for direction on their personal journeys.

Marvel about the world that we encounter everyday!

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