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This Could Be You....

Open Positions
  • Are you a noob looking for experience because you think you might want to pursue a life as an entrepreneur?
  • Does engaging with corporate minions and schmoozing to create new accounts make your heart skip a beat?
  • Can you see yourself connecting our community and finding more peeps who need to be loved by us?
  • Do you love events and planning them down to the little umbrella in the pretty happy drinks?
  • Are you a Subject Matter Expert that needs to offer your knowledge on our platform?

Are you?

Inspired to Create Results – Deeply, almost fanatically, desire to positively impact the lives of entrepreneurs and the community.

Tolerance of Ambiguity – Not every project or task will have clearly defined steps or procedures. Sometimes you will need to propose the procedure because you’ll be the first team member doing it.

Collaborative Teamwork – Our team cares for and works with each other to support our task and goals. You take pride in generating good energy and supporting a positive and innovative team culture.

Quick and Nimble – Be incredibly talented and proficient at using or finding the resources you need to accomplish a quality job and understanding time is of the essence.

Visionary In The Making – You want to bring forth a world bigger and better than today. You envision a world where people have the freedom to work toward their dreams and they aren’t held back by a lack of basic resources like education, clean water, and safety. You care about your personal growth and take pride in changing the world.

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