What We Do

we incubate and scale entrepreneurs


All In & Gritty
Generous AF
Purpose Driven
Solution Thinkers
Social Impactors
Always Learning
True to Essence
Think at Scale


What we found is entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. They feel overwhelmed by the difficulty. They feel like their business is a burden. They are frustrated with themselves and their results. Many don’t have a quality support system and believe they have limited options. This is why we created The Kinetic Experience.

We help 1st generation entrepreneurs in the high growth phase, get to the next level of their business so they can impact their communities.


We believe that there is an immense amount of social impact (and money) up for grabs for the company that can integrate already available resources in a new way that teaches skills, provides resources, fosters an encouraging and supportive community, and provides hands-on experience so individuals can thrive in their professional lives, as intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs. We believe now is the perfect time to work on this opportunity and we’re the team to lead this change.

We Invest in Risk Takers