"Experience is my one true mistress"

Leonardo da Vinci


We are co-creators looking to make an impact with you.

We leverage and integrate already existing technologies to create a holistic solution to education, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship that creates sustainable results more effectively than current methods.

TKE is built upon a foundation of personal leadership and supported by our community overseen and nurtured by seasoned experts that feel a personal responsibility to help others.

We empower entrepreneurs to create even more success so they make massive impact and leave their legacy for future generations.


Visionaries, Strategists, and Seekers


We draw on over 20 years of entrepreneurship to help our clients grow their businesses by weaving together strategic planning, marketing, media, and legal.

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Our Promise

Our programs stem from us drawing from decades of combined business experience learned from years of research, hard learned lessons, plenty of failures, and even close to suicidal moments to provide you all the tools you need to successfully plan your breakthrough year.

Why Co-Create With Us?

We help you avoid common mistakes, understand your strengths and desires, and identify how you can deploy your ‘edge’ stronger than ever.



Developing your core insights enables you to powerfully build the life you want. Together we'll work through these elements to get you ready for your thriving business.

  • Kinetic Wealth: Live your optimal life
  • Kinetic Equation: Learn why and how to create on your terms
  • Kinetic Canvas: Develop a holistic plan that includes the most important things
  • Kinetic Vision: Live the future now and align your most important people on the same path


Learn how to form your company, comply with legal and accounting regulations on day 1, create the right digital presence for your goals, and grow your personal brand.


Learn strategies and tactics to grow your business, network into powerful connections, enhance your digital presence, and expand your leadership skills.


Learn what is needed and how to get you out of the day-to-day of the business, evaluate current financial status to ensure it aligns with your exit strategy, and finally brand and market your business for top dollar.

Abe is an amazing person and has always been the first one to extend a helping hand. He is there for you when you need him to provide his words of wisdom. I appreciate his guidance, clarity and his ability to ask the right questions to open your eyes to the situation.

Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez - Attorney


We team seasoned experts with up and coming visionaries to practice skills needed in entrepreneurship and modern business.



Join Our Community.



Learn and Grow.



Tools & Resources.



Connect and Learn.



One-on-One Consulting.



Grow Your Network.

Level I

  • Weekly Q&A call
  • Monthly Webinar
  • AP Vault
  • Curated Resources Newsletter
  • DISCOUNT for Kinetic Breakthrough and Show & Tell day 
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Level II

  • Everything in level 1
  • Show & Tell : 2 hrs per week
  • Group Check-in Calls: 1 x a week
  • 15 minutes in "Hot Seat" call (scheduled)
  • Kinetic Breakthrough event with Show & Tell day 
  • 15 minute Mindset call (recorded)
  • Access to 3 classes a quarter (per your assessment)
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Level III

  • Everything in level 2
  • Access to everything we offer...but...we only let you in to areas per your plan and assessment.
  • Unlimited 15 minute 1:1 call with Abe & Jannica each month
  • Access to Experts group in MN; includes access to Subject Matter Experts
  • "Hot seat/Speed Masterminding/Brainstorming" - 1 a month call.
  • Free biz tax and estate planning audit
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Level IV

  • Everything in level 3
  • Business & Marketing Assessment
  • 2 day onsite strategy session
  • 1 day onsite implementation
  • Quarterly 1 day strategy session review
  • Customized quarterly reviews of your business plans + results
  • Customized business recommendations throughout the year based on your results
  • 1 day Biz Tax strategy Session with Bryon
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