Classes Launching August 2018

Entrepreneurship is hard and many can't do it alone. They feel overwhelmed by the difficulty. They feel like their business is a burden. They are frustrated with themselves and their results. Many don’t have a quality support system and believe they have limited options.

This is why we created The Kinetic Experience.

We empower entrepreneurs to create even more success so they make the impact and leave the legacy they always dreamed of.

Our Brands

Hosted the 1st Saturday of every month, This hands-on project-based activity teams seasoned experts and up and coming visionaries to practice skills needed in entrepreneurship and modern business.

Walk away with expanded horizons, skills you can immediately use and valuable connections with other entrepreneurs. Register for a free ticket.

Abe Nadimi & Jannica Morton share what they learn about self directed learning through exploring the life of Leonardo da Vinci and modern day polymaths. Follow our shenanigans on Instagram.

We draw on over 20 years of entrepreneurship to help our clients grow their businesses by weaving together strategic planning, marketing, photo and video, and legal. Need help? Let's talk.

Our classes help entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take their businesses to the next level.