"Experience is my one true mistress"

Leonardo da Vinci

We invest in risk-takers
who create positive global impact

Create Awareness & Culture to Live Your Optimal Life

We empower you, the individual, the worker, the entrepreneur and the leader of corporations to create culture in your life and within your teams, providing tools, training, coaching, and resources to learn ownership, self-leadership, communication, and self-awareness.

Increase Brand Awareness, Traffic & Conversions

We partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, government agencies, and enterprise-level corporations to bring core business goals and marketing to life to address their clients’ pain points resulting in brand awareness, increased traffic, and conversions.

Enjoy a Transformative Experience with American Handcrafted Hookah Tobacco

Social Smoke Tobacco boldly sets the standard of what hookah tobacco should be. Sophisticated. Distinctive. Innovative.

Starting Your Business, Growing Your Wealth, and Transferring Your Legacy

Business Law and start-up help from a businessman. Bryon’s passion in life is helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and witness the innovation, agility, and excitement from the start-up community. As a boutique that operates lean, agile and incredibly quickly, Bryon leverages technology and disruptive new methods in the legal services industry to provide cutting-edge services that the “big boy” companies use, at prices affordable to all.

Introducing the First Magnetic Torque Tunnel

Our Mission is to Design an Electric Motor Mechanism that will drive Financial and Environmental Sustainability. Linear Labs was established after developing a new class of electric motor and generators that create more power while using less energy.

Experience Modern Day Leonardo da Vinci's

We identify the illusion of the compulsory education system, show the effectiveness and efficiency of personalized education and identify like-minded high-caliber individuals within the entrepreneur landscape throughout time. Through Leonardo, we show how to push the boundaries, learn via curiosity & passion, and be innovative to bring positive change to our future.


We are co-creators looking to make an impact with you.

We leverage and integrate already existing technologies to create a holistic solution to education, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship that creates sustainable results more effectively than current methods.

TKE is built upon a foundation of personal leadership and supported by our community overseen and nurtured by seasoned experts that feel a personal responsibility to help others.

We empower entrepreneurs to create even more success so they make massive impact and leave their legacy for future generations.


Visionaries, Strategists, and Seekers

We draw on over 20 years of entrepreneurship to help our clients grow their businesses by weaving together strategic planning, marketing, media, and legal.









Our Promise

Our programs stem from us drawing from decades of combined business experience learned from years of research, hard learned lessons, plenty of failures, and even close to suicidal moments to provide you all the tools you need to successfully plan your breakthrough year.

Why Co-Create With Us?

We help you avoid common mistakes, understand your strengths and desires, and identify how you can deploy your ‘edge’ stronger than ever.